DEMONS // Dance

We witness Mès Lesne locked in a dark battle with his inner DEMONS. Mès is haunted by a sense of futility, of being powerless to change the world around him, and the agony of knowing that the damage we’ve inflicted on our planet is beyond repair.

Against the breathtaking backdrop of a glacier, silently melting away high in the Swiss Alps, Mès battles with his demons as they threaten to ensnare/engulf him in their dreadful embrace. As he struggles to break away, we see his body contort in anguish. We feel his pain of knowing that the world we’ve inherited is slipping away, perhaps already beyond our grasp. As the Book of Life burns in his hand, he calls on us to roll back the damage we’ve done.

How do we break free? Can we work out a way to cut CO2? Can we reverse climate change? Or have we passed the point of no return? Are we even able to change? To make sacrifices? Or do we succumb to our demons, and take the world down with us?

DEMONS captures the essence of our times, that gloomy sense of helplessness we often feel in the face of overwhelming challenges. But through the gloom, there is a glimmer of hope, a reminder that if we can find the strength to fight our inner demons, we can still make a difference and change the course of our collective destiny.

It’s time to confront our demons and rise up to the challenge before us. #Demons #ClimateChange #InnerStruggle #Hope

Directed by Humbi Entress

Choreography by Mès Lesne
Performed by Mès Lesne, Mathilde Lin & Giordana Riberi

DOP: Jan Mettler

Editor: Oliver Don

Music by: Wolfsrudel
Composers: Alexander Wolf David &Stefan Benz
Sound Design: Denis Elmaci

Produced by: Filmgerberei
Executive Producer: Flavio Gerber
Producer: Susanne Bucher
Production Assistant: Ilja Neuenschwander, Tereza Caballero 
Post-Production Support: Bonaparte, Nico Kreis & Philip Töpfer

1.AC: Marius Mahler, Thomas Hrabovsky
Gaffer: Simon Pümi Wyss
Drones: Birdviewpicture Chrigu.videography
Trinity Operator: Sebastian Geret
SFX: 1291productions
Stunt Coordinator: Oliver Keller
SFX Coordinator: Bodo Kaiser
Stunt Rigger: Andrew Pfeiffer, Duncan Cown
Runner: Moritz von Bergen, Andri Klopfstein
Zermatt Crew: Michi Portmann, Rafael Sigrist, Vita Kence

Postproduction: Ivy Filmstudio, Lauro Jenni & Lars Wicki

Post VFX:
Bepic Studio: Radoslaw Jamrog, Nina Roppert, Milan Braune, Mario Borgmeier
RGBalpha Berlin: Judy Ziermaie, Max Marvin Kupe, Alexander Marschner, Birger Schirrmeister, Marcus Eich
Color Artist: Pana Argueta @NHBstudios

Rental: @arri @cinegrell

Director’s Agency: Trinity Agency Hamburg
DP‘s Agency: Sarida Bossoni